Portable Wind Speed and Direction Meter
Portable Wind Speed and Direction Meter

Portable Wind Speed and Direction Meter




product details

Portable Wind speed and direction meter

Model: TPJ-30


1, speed-direction meter:Compact and handsome volume that can set parameters on the mainframe, also can set the par ameters in the computer

2, English large-screen LCD, guiding operational procedures

3, With the exception of automatically recorded, can also be manually record, open and stop

4, A powerful data analysis capabilities, free software upgrades


Can manually open the switch, set up the date by prompt, manual or automatic mode, if you choose manual mode, work mode is press one time and record one time, could record the time and some parameters (temperature, moisture, Light, CO2, etc.) when pressed at that time; If you choose automatic mode, we should set a good time interval (1-5 hours), the equipment can be set in accordance with good spacing automatically record data. After the data collection, can press the stop button, you can view historical data on the mainframe, the computer can also be downloaded and automatically demonstrated in the form curves and graphics. Software can print and data processing.

If you choose to use the computer open mode, and that all keys will fail to ensure data authenticity and continuity.

Technical parameters:
Testing items: wind speed and direction.
Record capacity: 1-60000 groups
Record time interval: 5s-90hours continuously adjustable
Sensor communication: RS-485
Computer Communication: USB1.1
Power: 5 AA batteries, 9V/2A power source

Wind Speed
Measuring range: 0-45m/s
Accuracy : ±(0.3+0.03V)m/s
Resolution: 0.1m/s
Start-up wind speed: ≤0.5 m/s
Stability: <0.2m/s/yr
Wind Direction
Measuring range: 0-359°
Accuracy: ±1°
Resolution: 0.1°

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