EAB1-2015 Aflatoxin Analyzer
EAB1-2015 Aflatoxin Analyzer

EAB1-2015 Aflatoxin Analyzer




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EAB1-2015 Aflatoxin Analyzer

aflatoxin tester

Feature and Description

EAB1-2015 Microcomputer type aflatoxin, enzyme mark tester,adopts computer technology,easy to operation,has T,A,C measure and datum printing record,also dynamics part testing and Concentration of linear regression calculation,bring much convenience .
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Usage and Application

EAB1-2015 is necessary analysis equipment for aflatoxin,ELISA analysis.Adopts the principle of using solid phase enzyme-linked immunosorbent ELISA,is consist of Aflatoxin meter and B1 kits,can quantative analysis aflatoxin B1 content in sample.

EAB1-2015 Microcomputer type aflatoxin, enzyme mark tester,also can test other mycotoxin with cooresponding kits.It widely used in field of Immune pathology, microorganism antigen and antibody detection, parasitic disease diagnosis, blood disease diagnosis, plant diseases and pests  and mycotoxin test in food,grain,feed,oil,milk,drink and wine.

aflatoxin m1 tester

Technical data

Measuring limit0ng
Measuring range≥0ng / ml (ppb)
Absorption range-0.041~1.999(A)
Wavlength330~900nm(450±2 n minterference filter configuration)
Sensitivity<0.1ng / ml
Accuracy±0.1ng / ml
Test time20 samples / Hr
Light sourcelighting tube 3.6V/20mA
Working environmentTemp:5~35℃,Humidity:≤85%
Light current stability≤0.3t(T)/5min
Dark current stability≤0.2%t(T)/5min
Transmittance ratio range0.0%t(T) ~110.0%t(T)
(T)swift accuracy≤±0.004A
Power supply220V±10%,50~60HZ
rapid aflatoxin meteraflatoxin meter tester

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