EAB1-95 Aflatoxin Analyzer
EAB1-95 Aflatoxin Analyzer

EAB1-95 Aflatoxin Analyzer




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EAB1-95 Aflatoxin Analyzer

Product introduction:

EAB1-95 Aflatoxin analyzer is an using solid-phase enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay ELISA principle, That is, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. By the Aflatoxin Analyzer and B1 kit composed of two parts, can be quantitative measurement of samples of Aflatoxin B1 content (such as the allocation of other kit can be measured in other toxins). Apply to food, feed, oils and fats, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, beverages, wine products, such as the detection of toxin.

Technical parameters:
1. The minimum measure volume:0.1ng;
2. Measuring range:≥0.1ng/ml (ppb);
3. Absorbance range:-0.041~1.999(A);
4. Concentration range:0.000~9999;
5. Wavelength:450±2nm;
6. Sensitivity:<0.1ng/ml;
7. Precision:±0.1ng/ml;
8. Test speed:20 piece/hour;
9. Light source: light 3.6V/20mA;
10. Environment of use:temperature:5~35℃,humidity:≤85%;
11. Power:37W;
12. Power supply:220V±10%,50~60HZ;
13. Size:350×270×210 mm;

14. Weight:9Kg;

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