ASL Manual Vertical (Horizontal) Dual Test Stand
ASL Manual Vertical (Horizontal) Dual Test Stand

ASL Manual Vertical (Horizontal) Dual Test Stand




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ASL Manual Vertical (Horizontal) Dual Test Stand



ASL Manual Vertical (horizontal) dual test stand is specially equipped for NK and HF series of mechanical force gauge, which can be combined to a test machine for different purposes and carry out accurate plug force, pressure force and other destructive tests. While displaying the force values, it can be equipped with the gauge to display its displacement and carry out comparison test on different parts under the same displacement.  

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1:For vertical-horizontal dual use

2:Manual operation, easy and convenient 

3:This machine should be installed on the table to allow the rack more stable

4:Equipped with digital gauge, can collect travel data at any time(AST-S)

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Specifications and Parameters

1:Maximum load:500N

2:Effective stroke:140 mm 

3:Length × width × height:200×160×540 mm 

4:Net weight:15 kg

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