AEH Electric Horizontal Test Stand
AEH Electric Horizontal Test Stand

AEH Electric Horizontal Test Stand




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AEH Electric Horizontal Test Stand


AEH electric horizontal test stand is special design for NK and HF series force gauge. 

This product uses the double erecting pole structure, good stability, applies widely, easy to operate. 

And has the step less speed regulation, manual (inching), and the auto control switch function. 


Widely applied in rubber plastic, light industry, textile, building windows and doors, compound materials, electric wire and cable, auto part, power generator, scientific research institute to do the push pull force insertion force and destructive experiment.  


horizontaltest stand


Capacity: 500N-1000N

Stroke: 150 mm

Speed: 20~500 mm/min

Voltage: AC 220V(AC 110V can be specified)

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