500kg/24h Commercial flake ice machine
500kg/24h Commercial flake ice machine

500kg/24h Commercial flake ice machine




product details

500kg/24h commercial flake ice machine:



Commercial flake ice machine is small-sized products specially designed for clients who need less amount of ice.It has the advantages of smalll space requirement, easy maintenance and convenient relocation. The components of the machine are made of stainless steel SUS304, aluminum alloy, and PE that are in good conformance with the international standard HACCP and FDA. The ice from this machine is very dry, pure, powderless, uneasy blocking. This machine can workj constantly and efficiently for more than 10,000 hours without any faults



Scope of application:

The commercial flake ice maker is particularly suitable for refreshing vegetables and foodstuff in supermarket and quick cooling for processing fishery products and butchery.



1.Besides standard voltage, we can produce the ice machine with 3 phase,60HZ, 200/220v, 400v, 440v according to customers’ request.

2.Standard ambient temperature:25℃water supply temperature: 16℃, evaporating temperature:-20℃。

3.Applicable ambient temperature: 5-40℃, water supply temperature:0-40℃

4.This series products are applicable to fresh water. Refrigerant: R404a(for 0.5t-1t ice machine); Refrigerant: R22(for 1.5t-3t ice machine). If you choose R404a, please advise in adcance

5.The outer size includes ice storage bin size

6.Thickness of ice:1.5mm-2.0mm

7.The input power is given at standard voltage and working conditions and therefore is only for reference.

8.With the development of technology, the data are subject to change without notice.




Model Znpb0.5z-df/fa Znpb1.0z-df/fa Znpb1.5z-df/fa Znpb2.0z-df/fa Znpb2.5z-df/fa Znpb3.0z-df/fa
Capacity(kg/24h) 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000
Refrigera-ting capacity(kw) 3.05 6.25 8.15 10.32 13.12 19.17
Electric system 220v-50Hz-1P 380V-50Hz-3P 380V-50Hz-3P 380V-50Hz-3P 380V-50Hz-3P 380V-50Hz-3P
Input power(kw) 2.27 4.21 5.42 6.72 8.52 9.82
Diameter of water supply pipe 1/2”
Net weight(kg) 160 210 330 360 390 470
Dime-nsion L 1310mm 1310mm 1650mm 1650mm 1650mm 1650mm
W 1050mm 1050mm 1460mm 1460mm 1460mm 1460mm
H 1882mm 2055mm 2044mm 2076mm 2095mm 2186mm







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