38-46L/H Vertical hard ice cream machine
38-46L/H Vertical hard ice cream machine

38-46L/H Vertical hard ice cream machine




product details


BQ hard ice cream machine

Cant control panel 
One-piece transparent before feeding structure 
Scalable rotating blade 
Engineering level dedicated control circuit board and SAMSUNG (SAMSUNG) chipset
The international famous brand refrigeration parts 
Efficient cooling condensing system

 Features and Applications

ModelCooling capacityHopper VolumeCompressr HPRefrigerant
PowerVoltageNet weightProduct DimensionPackage Size
Loading Capacity    
 The product description
●Patent design of luxury stainless steel appearance, beautiful and practical
●One-piece before feeding structure, use and simpler operation
●Evaporation of the low precision machining cylinder system, beyond the high rate of expansion in the peer products and ultra smooth texture
●With automatic telescopic structure of the rotating blade, more exquisite and silky taste of ice cream
●Working condition of low by commercial ultra-low temperature of
●The new design of computer control panel and display system, more humane, simple operation

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