Pilot Freeze Dryer
Pilot Freeze Dryer

Pilot Freeze Dryer




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Vacuum freeze dryer


Product features
1. High quality equipment and matching solutions were provided.Different system functions and components configuration can be customized in order to meet different users' needs.
2. The parts were compacted for the modular design, so the equipment was easy to maintain and operate.
3. The interface of the control system was friendly, the operation was convenient and the function was powerful.
4. It was highly close to the principles of production machines.
5. Configuration parts of well-known brands at home and abroad were used.
6. The treatment of parts surface is meeting or exceeding the relevant national or industry regulations.
7. AII interfaces shall be flange mounted.
8. All kinds of sensors were equipped.Timely alarm and active protection will be took when the  function of the equipment were abnormal.
9. In order to easily operate in the clean room, external drying box can be connected for the small experimental freeze -drier.
10. Pilot freeze-drier was designed in accordance with the national pharmaceutical machinery industry standard.
Control system
The control system was composed of programmable logic controller, man-ma-chine interface device, sensor, terminal relay and digital to analog conversion module. The industrial intelligent  control software was based on professional programmable controller and developed by advanced   configuration configuration software for vacuum freeze-drying equipment.It was that can  display the system status, process flow, alarm point and operation situation of each component,      and can be monitored remotely.
1. It can automatically control the whole freeze-drying process with one key,and also can realize the freeze-drying process manually;
2. The system can show a variety of language interfaces such as Chinese and English    [Russian, India (export optional)]. The system vacuum can be freely converted at mbar, Pa and  Torr. The temperature can be expressed in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit ;
3. During the operation, the system can automatically monitor and detect and record and store the relevant data. It can also be monitored by remote systems ;
4. From freeze-drying process to defrosting process, all materials can be programmed    automatically and many programs can be stored ;
5. The system was equipped with variety sensors, it can alarm immediately during the  operation of abnormal temperature or pressure, and take active protection to ensure safe and stable operation ;
6. Many data such as real-time-record of vacuum,cold trap temperature, material temperature, shelf temperature, operation error alarm were in this system ;
7. Data was recorded once a minute with freeze-drying curve. The system can record real-time data continuously and has USB data storage serial port ;
8. The freeze-drying process was recorded, the freeze-drying curve was drawn and the eutectic point test was achieved ;
9. The man-machine interface equipment of the control system can work stably in the  environment from -20 to 65 degrees Celsius. It conforms to the NEMA (International    Electric Manufacturing Association) protection regulations and the European CE Electrical  Certification standards ;
10. Automatic vacuum regulation was achieved in this system.
Freeze-drying process
The freeze-drying cycle system consists of intermediate medium, circulating pump, heater,plate heat exchanger, freeze-drying chamber, shelf and pipeline. The freezing and heating of materials   are completed with this system.
1. The freeze-drying process was managed. A number of mature and safe freeze-drying process  were stored in the management system. Users can make up for different products of  freeze-drying process when they adjusted freeze -drying process data;
2. Material can be observed and the freeze-drying parameters can be adjusted at any time in the freeze-drying process;
3. The freeze-drying chamber can effectively pre-freeze the material, and it is suitable for various serum bottles or vials;
4. PID algorithm is used in the automatic control. Materialscan be repeated freeze quickly or slowly;
5. The temperature was even by accurately controlling the medium circulating in the shelf  heating system and the shelf was smooth with the special process. The quality of freeze drying   and the drying efficiency were improved;
6. In order to avoid the contamination of the material after freeze drying, the protection system can be filled with pure nitrogen gas or other protective gas through the system;
7. The gland system can perform manual or automatic accurate and reliable sealing of the material container in the freeze-drying chamber in a vacuum state, the container lid and the container can be reliably sealed;
8. The ice condenser can be defrosted rapidly through the defrost system after freeze-drying  process so as to freeze the material again.
Vacuum system
The system is composed of vacuum pump or roots pump (optional), freeze- drying box,   vacuum gauge, pipeline and controller. The vacuum pump was equipped with redundancy.
1. The vacuum degree was controlled by PID mode, and the whole automatic control can be realized;
2. Systematically standardized test procedures were took in order to avoid potential vacuum leaks;
3. A device at the suction port of the vacuum pump was provided to prevent the gas flowing back when the equipment was stopped. An oil mist filtering device at the exhaust port is provided to prevent the exhaust gas polluting the surrounding environment;
4. The vacuum can be adjusted automatically or manually. The efficiency of the heat transfer   and freeze drying was increased and the equipment and energy consumption was reduced;
5. The butterfly valve of the pilot freeze-drier between the freeze-drying chamber and the ice condenser should be closed before freeze-drying preparation and the terminative process. So the  material can be handled and pre-frozen in a clean environment.
Refrigeration system
The utility model was composed of a refrigeration compressor, a condenser and an expander, etc. An imported compressor was adopted in the system. The shelf and the water catcher were  respectively cooled by the slicon oill and the condensing pipe. The system was simple and  reliable. The cold capacity was enough also.The environment-friendly refrigerant was used in  the system. The system can be delay started and automatic controlled.
Selection Guide
Drying chamber device
1. Standard type: Suitable for bulk (powder, granule, solution) materials before freeze-drying.
2. Gland type: Suitable for freeze-dried materials filled into vials.
3. Multi-manifold type: Suitable for external bottled materials in eggplant-shaped bottles and jars, and freeze-drying multiple varieties at the same time.
4. Type T: Suitable for freeze-dried materials in ampoule tubes.
Optional accessories
1. Multi-manifold bottle hanging device, lyophilized bottle (eggplant-shaped bottle and jar), ampule tube lyophilized rack
2. Imported vacuum pump, high-speed vacuum pump oil, vacuum pump exhaust port oil mist filter, vacuum pump intake port dust filter
3. Ampoule tube sealer, Vial capping machine
4. Eutectic point tester, inert gas filling port
5. Stainless steel two-story experimental trolley
Technical Parameters

Experimental type  Pilot type Production type
Model Unit NB-12A NB-10C NB-10E NB-25C NB-25E NB-15E NB-22E NB-30E NB-20G NB-30G NB-40G NB-50E NB-80E NB-100E NB-120E NB-200 NB-300 NB-500
Effective partition area m2 0.12 0.1 0.25 0.15 0.22 0.3 0.2   0. 3 0.4 0.5 0.8 0.98 1.22 2.16 3.24 5.67
Water catching capacity Kg 2 3 6 7 8 15 20 50 60 5.67
22 mm vial bottle 110 110 390 336 504 672 448 672 870 980 1450 2160 2700 4800 7500 13300
16 mm vial bottle 200 200 759 638 927 1276 851 1240 1650 1870 2800     9200 14000 25200
Partition size  
Φ180 312x 242 335 x 300 300x 420 320x500 405x 605 600x
900 x 900
(Length x width) Φ170 ®180 Φ277
Available partitions pcs 5 4 2 3 4 2 3 4 4 5 4 5 6+1 7+1
Interlayer spacing mm 70 50 45 76 70 143 90 65 143 90 65 68 90 100 76 100
Standard cold trap temperature   -60 Ambient temperature≤30) -62 (Ambient temperature≤30) -80(Ambient temperature≤30)      
Ultimate  cold trap temperature ≤-47 -65(Ambient temperature≤25) -65(Ambient temperature≤25) -83 (Ambient temperature≤25) ≤-70 (Ambient temperature≤30)
Standard vacuum Pa 5(no- load) 5(no- load) 5(no- load) 10(no- load) 10(no- load)
Ultimate vacuum Pa 1(no- load) 1(no- load) 1(no- load) 1(no- load) ≤10(no- load)
Shelf temperature range     Electric heating(50)   Electric heating(50) -50-+70 -50-+70
540 x 540 x 370  610x 610
1520x730x1400 1490x 780x 1710 2000 x 950x
Length X Width X Height
Applicable power supply   AC220V 50HZ AC380V 50HZ Three-phase five-wire system(OptionalAC220V 50HZ) AC380V 50HZ  Three-phase five-wire system
Total power W 1000 1250 1400 1900 2150 3300 4200 8600 18000 21000 25000
Weight Kg 55 85 120 250 255 260 290 295 300 650 750 1300  
Applicable environment Ambient temperature≤30
Laboratory Freeze Dryer
freeze dryerpilot freeze dryer

 Pilot Freeze Dryer
industrial freeze dryerfood freeze dryer
Production Freeze Dryer
small freeze dryer

Technical features list

Experimental type  Pilot type Production type
Model NB-12A NB-10C NB-10E NB-25C NB-25E NB-15E NB-22E NB-30E NB-20G NB-30G NB-40G NB-50E NB-80E NB-100E NB-120E NB-200 NB-300 NB-500
Pre-freezing function
Partition silicone oil cooling and heating
Accurate temperature control of the partition
Controllable heating rate
Upgradable PLC control system
Color touch screen
Automatic control
Partition electric heating
Display freeze-drying curve and data
The upper computer monitors the lower computer
Wireless connection remote control
Large-capacity data storage
Cold trap automatic defrosting
Controllable vacuum
Capping system
Eutectic point test
CMP clean room installation
Air cooling
Multi-manifold device
T-frame for ampoules
Freeze-drying endpoint test
Circulating water cooling
Online disinfection
Online cleaning


●Indicates that it has the function  ◑Indicates optional  ○Indicates that the function is not applicable

Remark: This product is for civilian use only

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