Summer Discount Offer

The NANBEI Company Summer Promotion begins!
Time :2019.5.30-2019.6.30
Purchase of instruments in June will sell the following benefits:
1. “fixed price”products, the lowest price we have ever had!
2.Other products of the store enjoys Coupon activity!(except "fixed price")
Mid-year procurement, the best benefits.
Orders will get free small gifts such as u disk, bluetooth speaker, business notebook set.
Members and non-member customers are welcome to actively purchase. The more orders, the bigger the discount.

Here are the details of Coupon event promotion(2019.5.30-2019.6.30):
Orders over USD1000, minus USD30,
Orders over USD2000, minus USD80,
Orders over USD5000, minus USD200,
Orders over USD10000, minus USD500,
Orders over USD20000, minus USD1000,
Orders over USD50000, minus USD2000,
Please note: The Coupons can only be used for the corresponding order amount, such as USD1000-USD30; USD2000-USD80, USD5000-USD200, USD10000-USD500, USD20000-USD1000, USD50000-USD2000, One coupon one for one order, not superimposed!
Post time: 2019-05-27

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