CHINA LAB 2014 Guangzhou international analysis test and laboratory equipment exhibition


Time: March 12, 2014 -3 month 14 days

Location: Guangzhou poly World Trade Center Exhibition Hall

The organizers:

Reed Sinopharm exhibitions Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Province Foreign Science and Technology Exchange Center

Guangdong International Technology Trade Exhibition Company

Support unit:

 Chinese Analysis Testing Association

 Chinese entry exit inspection and Quarantine Association

 Chinese Instrument Society

 development of biotechnology China Center

 Guangdong Provincial Quality Inspection Association

 Guangdong Province Food Institute

Guangdong Province, analysis and Testing Association

 China Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou Institute of biomedicine and health

 American Chinese Biological Medicine Technology Association (deleted)

Southern China, Guangdong Pharmaceutical Innovation Center

 China Pharmaceutical Group

 Reed Exhibitions

 Chinese medicine Cmi Holdings Ltd

 China biological group company

 Chinese scientific equipment import and Export Corporation

 China Pharmaceutical Industry Co Ltd

Shanghai Institute of pharmaceutical industry

 Sinopharm Sichuan Industrial Institute of antibiotics

 Sinopharm Chemical Reagent Co., Ltd.

Exhibits range:

A, laboratory products

1, scientific instruments

(1) analysis, measuring instruments: chromatography, gas phase, spectrum,spectrum, mass spectrometry, optical, beamsplitters

(2) general laboratory instruments: weighing instrument, microscope and optical image processing instrument and equipment etc.

(3) biochemical instruments, life science and microbial testing instruments,laboratory animal facilities

(4) the industry dedicated analytical instruments and equipment

2, agent / consumables

(1) general reagents

(2) instruments used for chemical reagents

(3) the standard substance,

(4) laboratory chemicals

(5) electronic reagent, photochemical reagent

(6) the biochemical and molecular biology reagents

(7) medical / diagnosis / test reagent

(8) laboratory consumables

3, glass products: glass instrument, medical glass, glass, special glass

4, laboratory furniture

Two, the laboratory information management system and software: laboratorydatabase and document management, bioinformatics, software, books,publications, media, training and consulting

Three, laboratory planning, design and construction

Four, investment in laboratory, operation, management and upgrade

The scope of the audience:

 instruments, reagents intermediate production / Procurement

 universities and scientific research institutions (including the Academy of Sciences, Institute, laboratory, R & D center, engineering center, testing center, the technical support platform)

 public sector (quality inspection, commodity inspection, testing,environmental protection, municipal engineering)

 health, disease control, inspection and quarantine related units

 pharmaceutical / food / health care products such as product development and manufacturing enterprises

 electronics, semiconductor, material, chemical, energy, iron and steel,metallurgy, petroleum,animal husbandry, control, aerospace,machinery manufacturing and other industries

• third party testing institutions, certification and other quality inspection and supervision mechanism


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