Laboratory instrument market is developing rapidly increased

With the arrival of new era Twelfth Five, laboratory equipment industry has also ushered in the development of opportunities and challenges. In fact, the laboratory instrument market potential is very large, the main benefit from the support of relevant national policies, the field of food safety laboratory instruments massive demand, as well as the development of China's health needs of laboratory equipment, analytical instruments and optical instruments . None of laboratory instrument development market, providing opportunities for development. With the development of new technology and breakthroughs, laboratory instruments will also usher in upgrading to high-end development, to meet the more demanding applications.

Major professional laboratory instruments specific to the market, "the 12th Five-Year they will each usher in a different development. My electronic balance would be dedicated to 1mg ~ 0.1mg precision electronic balance technology development, the use of SMT IC integration, assembly process using special equipment, such as enhancing our electronic balance. The laboratory centrifuge will be high-end development the 40000 ~ 50000r/min centrifuges, to further enhance the control technology, security technology, temperature control, rotor manufacturing technology.

Thermal analysis instrument will further enhance the level of comprehensive thermal analysis techniques, to promote the development of thermal analysis instruments. Environmental Laboratory equipment is extensively used in the "second five" new era will further research and development of the special requirements of test chamber, the development of the test chambers, incubators and other urgently needed health. Electrophoresis instrument development in China, there are many problems, needs further emphasis on technological innovation, strengthen the application of new technologies, new materials.

Strain and vibration test instruments in the "12th Five-Year" will focus on the development of dynamic test system to improve system anti-jamming, anti-noise, automatic calibration, polymer rate, rapid and stable performance. Ceramic testing equipment will further achieve network, on-line monitoring, intelligent control systems, human-machine interface technologies. Integrated test system for multi-parameter power test instruments will stand the test line measurement and remote control technology development. Vacuum instruments and devices will further strengthen the independent research and development, to expand the range of applications, and enhance competitiveness.

According to the statistics of the China Machinery Industry Federation, the first 10 months of this year, mechanical industrial sectors in addition to the decline in year-on-year growth rate of the internal combustion engine industry, the majority of the industry production growth over the previous month increased slightly. 1 to October machinery industry in most industries production increasing trend the instrumentation industry year-on-year increase of 16.50%. Main business income, including six industry cumulative year-on-year growth rate of more than or flat industry-wide average. Accumulated the fastest year-on-year growth in the three sectors for the agricultural machinery industry, the instrumentation industry and the petrochemical industry, the growth rate was 14.8%, 14.61% and 14.03%, respectively.

Instrumentation products in addition to analytical instruments and devices fell 3.58%, the rest of the product yield showed varying degrees of growth, the rapid growth of optical instruments, a year-on-year growth of 23.26%. Industrial automation, instrumentation and control systems, automotive instrumentation and environmental monitoring instrumentation showed steady growth, year-on-year growth rate of above 8%.

Post time: 2022-03-30

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