Genetics and Genetic Engineering

 Zhejiang University national Biological Experiment teaching Domonstration Center, electropgoresis experiment.

Genetics and Genetic Engineering Laboratory existing building area of ​​248 square meters is equipped to carry out genetic experiments, molecular biology, genetic engineering experiments all the necessary equipment operations, such as: electrophoresis, vertical electrophoresis tank, horizontal electrophoresis tank, micro-gel electrophoresis systems, micro-electrophoretic transfer tank, PCR, UV transmissive reflective analyzer, gel imaging analysis system, high-speed desktop refrigerated centrifuge, high-speed desktop centrifuge, ultrafilter, clean benches, biochemical incubator, shaking culture boxes, various types of electric heated equipment, automatic steam autoclaves, etc., especially  equipped with a set ultraviolet fluorescence microscope, constant illumination plant culture chamber 1 station and a camera system.

Genetics and Genetic Engineering Laboratory in 2003 officially put into experimental teaching, bear the main courses are: part of genetics experiments, genetic engineering experiments, cloning and transgenic technology experiments and many other basic courses and school-wide elective experimental introduction to life science experiments . Genetics and genetic engineering laboratory experiments bear annual teaching workload when 15,000 people a few experiments  per year.

The teacher was supervising his students in doing the electrophoresis experiment:




vertical electrophoresis tank horizontal electrophoresis tank



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