Analysis of Chinese hardness market

                                                            Analysis of Chinese Hardness Industy Market

       Hardness is an important performance index of a metallic material, generally the higher the hardness, the better the wear resistance. Hardness tester is designed to measure the hardness of the object instrument. In recent years, our industry has a certain hardness development, the rise of a number of considerable scale private enterprises, China's industrial development has become a new force hardness.

       Analysts pointed out: hardness industry generally small, small batch production, domestic enterprises through continuous technological learning and research, hardness measurement and control of display technology has been significant progress, Leeb hardness, and other products in the international market is also accounted for a large share of the overall situation of China's hardness industry is moving forward.
       Hardness test has high accuracy, small size, easy to operate, easy to carry, measuring the characteristics of wide-scale, mainly used in machinery, metallurgy, automobile manufacturing, petrochemical, aerospace, boiler pressure vessel, building materials, research and electric power industries field testing the hardness of metal. Can be divided according to the principle of Leeb hardness, Rockwell hardness tester, Brinell hardness, Shore hardness, Shore hardness, Pap hardness, microhardness, Mohs hardness, Vickers hardness tester . According to the measurement object can be divided into fruit hardness, hardness, and other cement.
        By the year 2000, the hardness began to widely apply them in our country, especially after 2005, hardness rapidly growing manufacturer of production assembly together. Especially in recent years, the production of scientific and technological research had linked the rapid development of China's hardness, its measurement precision and accuracy has gradually with international standards. China now mainly focused on the production of hardness in Beijing, Shandong, Shanghai. Including Beijing, Shandong, mainly in the Rockwell hardness tester, Rockwell hardness tester based, Shanghai Vickers hardness, Vickers hardness tester Kyo. Exports, China hardness in price, high stability and exported overseas.
        "2014-2017 China hardness market analysis and development prospect research report" shows: Today, domestic technology development has not inferior to the international level, now greatly enhance export products, the manufacturers also have their own characteristics, the previous reduction of the same phenomenon the entire industry ecosystem showing a good trend. The future, enterprises should increase effort in product miniaturization, integration, intelligence, and so the development direction of the bus.
Post time: 2014-11-14

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