The whole centrifuge industry will face a new challenge period

 The whole centrifuge industry will face a new challenge period

In recent years, the whole machinery industry rapid development, thanks to the rapid development of technology, centrifuge industry has also obtained the rapid development, the market demand is increasing, the scale is expanding constantly, but the market is saturated, the overall development of the centrifuge is not optimistic, to industry will face a new round of challenge period.

Centrifuge with rapid development in recent years, biomedical, has made considerable development, but because the market requirements are constantly upgrading, industry to a certain extent in the development stage before how to let the machine do not become warmer industry concerned about the topic.

In fact, the development of centrifuge industry in addition to seasonal factors, increase the influence biggest is started the project and restart, policies and national authorities issued support become the greatest support mechanical charge, so the industry should be more attention to the industry's high-end.

High end equipment manufacturing industry is developing vigorously in China's emerging industries of strategic importance. But at present, relying on advanced technology introduction, high-end products rely on imports is still grim reality China equipment manufacturing industry faces. Therefore, to accelerate the innovation of the mode of industrial development is the primary task.

The Ministry issued the high-end equipment manufacturing industry in the "Twelfth Five Year" development planning objectives, by 2015, China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry sales income should be more than 6 yuan, and strive to 10 years through the efforts of the basic grasp the core technology of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, industrial competitiveness into the advanced ranks in the world.

Therefore, centrifuge industry should seize the commanding heights of the economy, accelerate the construction of a multi-level capital market, play an effective capital market resource allocation of manufacturing industry's role in the equipment. Continue to accelerate the equipment manufacturing industry technological innovation, to enhance the added value of products.

Post time: 2014-10-30

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