Analysis of the machine control system test

 Analysis of the machine control system test


At present, most of the control systems of testing machine adopts the single chip or desktop. The processing speed of Microcomputer in the dynamic loading is usually cannot meet the control requirements, and the desktop PC in processing speed than the single chip, but its relatively large size, mobility and flexibility. In addition, work fatigue testing machine existing independently, as a system, it is difficult to coordinate in the management and use of loading, there are a lot of inconvenience. In view of the above, the author based on control technology and field bus technology, microelectronic technology, embedded computer, developed a distributed control system of fatigue testing machine based on PC104.

The overall design of control system in the structure belongs to a small distributed control system, the basic pattern of upper and lower machine adopts centralized management and decentralized control: 6 parallel computer (embedded PC PC104) respectively control 6 way hydraulic servo loading system, the direct control level of the system, complete the system control, data acquisition and signal processing; complete command input computer, real-time display, parameter setting and data processing, storage, printing, fault diagnosis and fault recording and monitoring system and safety protection.

Using RS485 real-time communication between upper and lower machine, in order to ensure the reliability of communication, the MODBUS communication protocol. The system can realize the multiple highly intelligent fatigue testing machine controlled fatigue testing machine 6 hydraulic loading can separate loading test for different parts, also can synchronize the work of complex computer on the same part control system block diagram of loading, is able to detect faults in the system, and the corresponding treatment.

Post time: 2014-08-15

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