The application of infrared thermometer in iron and steel industry

The application of infrared thermometer in iron

and steel industry


Non contact infrared temperature measuring instrument used in steel production process, to monitor the temperature, this is to improve productivity and product quality.

Temperature shows that the production process is working in the required range; heating furnace temperature is too low or too high; mill need adjustment, or the extent to which need cooling. Infrared thermometer can accurately monitor the each stage, the metallurgical properties of steel to maintain correct in the whole process.

Each stage of the steel production process can obtain the following benefits from the infrared thermometer:

● Quality products to improve productivity, reduce energy consumption

● Enhanced the safety of personnel, reduce downtime, easy data record

Infrared temperature measurement for steel processing and manufacturing, the main application:

● Continuous casting

● Hot blast furnace

● Hot rolled bar / wire rolling.

Intelligent sensing head with digital circuit and bidirectional communication, can be in the control room to the sensing head of remote parameter setting, the function and control is more perfect, this is especially important for metal material emissivity change.

In order to produce high quality products and improve the productivity, in the whole process of steel-making, accurate temperature measurement is the key.

Continuous casting

Casting the molten steel into slab, slab or billet, appear likely to cut or stop, should be real-time accurate temperature monitoring, with adjusting nozzle and flow, in order to provide a proper cooling, so as to ensure that the metallurgical properties of the billet required, finally obtain high-quality products, improve productivity and prolong the service life of equipment.

The selected sensing head of the model by the production process and the sensing head location decision. If installed in the bad environment, the line of sight by dust, mist or vapor barrier, optical fiber double sensor and integrated dual color sensing head is the best choice.

The temperature distribution for slab edge to edge, can use the line scanner.

Hot rolling

The number and type of hot mill type as well as rolling process with the processing of products of different type.

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