Purification technology and equipment development

Clean technology research and kinds of high purity medium using environmental production process clean and in the production process, effectively control the trace impurities, to ensure that the finished product rate and reliability of high-tech products. Clean technology usually include: air purification technology, air conditioning, water purification, gas purification technology, trace impurity control technology, clean environment monitoring technology and related environmental quality control technology. Purification engineering technology has been widely used in the electronic, aerospace, nuclear, biological engineering, pharmaceutical, precision machinery, chemical, food, automobile manufacturing and other high-tech industry and modern science. For the semiconductor equipment, purification engineering technology plays a very important role in microelectronics. The core of microelectronics technology is the integrated circuit, integrated circuit production put forward strict requirements on technology and purification equipment and process flow of the process in the environment. China's "Nine Five" during the development of microelectronics as the focus of the information industry. Purification engineering technology level has already become an important symbol to measure a country and regional scientific and technological level and industry level in some sense.

With the improvement of people's living standard, people's living environment and quality of life of the increasingly high demand, high pure water equipment, water purification preparation has been widely welcomed, purification engineering technology has begun to enter into thousands of households, people's modern life.
Post time: 2014-05-28

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