Quality inspection administration announced the unqualified food

The State Quality Inspection Administration yesterday announced the latest imported unqualified food, cosmetics list, in February this year, seized a total of 172 batch unqualified import food and cosmetics, including multiple batches of milk powder, milk, Rice noodles, cookies and other food that small friends like.

The announcement of the black list, there are two batch of New Zealand gaastra pasteurized high calcium skim milk coliform bacteria exceed the standard, but the brand products  have been found not qualified in December last year and January of this year. In addition, imported from Germany, Del Bao licensing full fat milk, found spoilage; Taiwan Yu Tong food Limited by Share Ltd production batch "Yule" fruit juice milk, protein content is not in line with national standards; from the USA import infant cereal food aid Jubilee Bei oat Rice noodles, Xi Bei brown rice Rice noodles, Jubilee shellfish mixed grain Rice noodles illegal use of strains were found; imports from Australia Ebers lactoferrin powder, moisture content does not meet the national standard requirements.



Post time: 2014-03-27

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