The twelfth Beijing international scientific instrument and laboratory equipment exhibition

 The twelfth Beijing international scientific instrument and laboratory equipment exhibition

A, exhibition overview

China international scientific instrument and laboratory equipment exhibition(hereinafter referred to as CISILE) for promoting the rapid development of China's scientific instrument industry scale, specialization, branding,internationalization industry event. CISILE is the founder of the first scientific instrument industry exhibition, more than 10 years, CISILE to enrich the quality of market resources, various business promotion activities, the authority of theacademic discussion and communication, a strong media publicity andthoughtful exhibition services industry exhibition will establish a benchmark, to promote scientific instrument industry exchange, trade, international cooperation has played a positive role. CISILE always adhere to the"convergence products industry to promote industrial development" as its mission, has been successfully held eleven sessions, has more than 2000enterprises, has become an important channel for domestic enterprises into the international arena, the platform of choice for multinational companiesexpanding Asian market.

The last event on May 17, 2013 in China International Exhibition Center and Beijing falls next heavy curtain, the exhibition attracted 679 enterprises fromGermany, France, Japan, USA, India, Singapore, Russia, Finland, Britain,Holland, South Korea, Spain, more than 30 countries and regions, exhibitors,more than 20000 passengers professionals to attend to, exhibition area of 25000 square meters. To attract domestic and foreign top brands activelyparticipating, centralized display product analysis test, optical, laboratory,medical and other fields with the world's advanced level, fully embodies theauthoritative and professional CISILE. The exhibition, also organized a "CISILE Innovation Award", "2013 China international scientific instrument and laboratory equipment forum" and other forums and academic activities, theattendees and exhibitors alike.

Approved by the State Ministry of Commerce, sponsored by the ChinaInstrument Industry Association, Beijing lamp Exhibition Co. Ltd to host the twelfth session of China international scientific instrument and laboratory equipment exhibition (CISILE 2014) will be held on May 21, 2014 to 23 inBeijing, China International Exhibition Center was held, during the exhibition, the organizers will be more extensive academic exchanges, business promotion activities, in order to promote the combination of production and marketing,production, exchange. As the most professional, the Asian region a higher degree of internationalization of Scientific Instrument Exhibition and exchangeplatform, we will continue to "high standard, large-scale, high return" exhibition purposes, service enterprises, the rapid development of power enterprise,welcome old and new customers for exhibitors.

Two, CISILE four advantages

The advantage of CISILE Internationalization: a total of 32 countries from more than 100 international exhibitors, the exhibition area of the total area of 22%,from India, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Greece, Egypt and other countries and regions to visit the procurement team a total of more than 500 people. CISILE has become a scientific instrument international procurementtrading platform, and Chinese rituals first exhibition called.

The brand advantage: CISILE as the first named by the international scientific instrument and laboratory equipment exhibition exhibition Chinese, after 10 years of development, has been well received by the industry recognition and praise, visibility and reputation of the widely circulated in the industry. CISILEhas become a professional exhibition to promote the development of the industry and improve the model and example.

The industry cluster advantages: CISILE whether the number of exhibitors, orthe number of professional visitors, in the domestic, international technologytrade show, are ranked the forefront. CISILE both exhibitors and professional audience, with the annual growth in the number of about 8%--15%. Because of the CISILE strong industry cluster advantages, have become buyers andmanufacturers cooperation interactive platform.

The promotional advantages: CISILE2014, through more than ten years ofaccumulation, has more than 2000 member companies, hundreds of thousands of powerful buyers database system, at the same time, and abroad and has more than 50 industry portal, as well as more than 30 domestic and foreign professional newspapers and magazines reached a strategic cooperation relationship, so that all information in the dissemination of theexhibition quickly to the industry in every corner.

Three, the schedule

Exhibition: 2014 May 19~20 Awards: May 21, 2014 18:00

Show time: 2014 May 21~23 closing time: May 23, 2014 15:30 PM

Four, the exhibition venue

Beijing Chinese International Exhibition Center (Chaoyang District North Third Ring Road No. 6)

Five, the scope of exhibits

  analysis instrument measuring instrument

 optical instruments and equipment, electronic optical instruments byelectrical measuring instrument

  laboratory instruments and equipment and supplies of chemical reagents and standard substance

 biochemical instruments, life science and microbial detection instrument isindustry instrument

 material mechanics testing equipment, performance testing instrument bysoftware and related services

 environment and industrial instruments

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