NANBEI Company PCR laboratory construction plan

Affected by the new coronavirus, in order to enhance the detection capabilities of nucleic acids and antibodies, many countries have begun to establish PCR testing laboratory projects. In this article, the NANBEI Company will introduce the basic requirements for the construction of PCR laboratories. If you need more PCR construction budget and space design, please send an inquiry, we will conduct professional design according to your region.

The Gene Amplification Laboratory, also known as the PCR Laboratory, is characterized by the large amount of DNA that can be greatly increased and is widely used in various fields of biology.  

In principle, the PCR laboratory is divided into four separate working areas: reagent preparation area, specimen preparation area, amplification area, and amplification product analysis area.

In order to avoid cross-contamination, each working area must strictly follow the principle of a single direction, that is, only from the reagent preparation area → specimen preparation area → amplification area → amplification product analysis area, and no reverse flow.

Basic requirements:  

1. The regions must be independent of each other;   

2. The equipment and various items in each area must be dedicated; 3. Each zone is completely independent, and the buffer room is optional. If it is a mode of one zone by one zone, the zone cannot be directly connected, and there must be a buffer room to ensure that the two areas are always isolated;

Reagent preparation area:

For the preparation, packaging and storage of amplification reagents, the air pressure in this area should be maintained at a slightly positive pressure. The main equipment includes balances, refrigerators, centrifuges, samplers, oscillators, and ultraviolet lamps.  

Specimen preparation area:
Mixing of laboratory samples and preparation of test samples. The working area is negative pressure or decompression, and the exhaust system is installed. The main equipment includes refrigerator, biological safety cabinet, centrifuge, sample adder, oscillator, constant temperature water bath, and ultraviolet lamp.  

Amplification area:
Preparation of PCR amplification reaction system and addition of template, nucleic acid amplification. The working area is negative pressure or decompression, and the exhaust system is installed. The main equipment includes nucleic acid amplification equipment, refrigerator, clean bench, centrifuge, sample adder, and ultraviolet lamp.  

Amplified product analysis area:
Determination of amplified products. The working area is negative pressure, and the exhaust system is installed. The instruments used are microplate reader, plate washer, sample adder and water bath box.

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