New Coronavirus Prevention and Control Plan


New Coronavirus Prevention and Control Plan

I. Introduction
The worst news for Wuhan, China in 2020: a new outbreak of coronavirus pneumonia.
As of February 24th, 2020, there were 77,262 cases of infection in the country, and all pathogens originated from Wuhan.
Zhengzhou Nanbei Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. Location: Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. Recently, there were 157 cases of infection in Zhengzhou City, 98 cases were cured and 1 case died. There were 1271 infected people in Henan Province, 935 cases were cured, and 19 cases died.
The very unfortunate moment that our country encounters will also have varying degrees of impact on global commercial circulation. We are using various effective ways to curb the further deterioration of the epidemic and restore family life and work to a normal state.
Epidemic map of China as of Feb 24th, 2020 Zhengzhou Epidemic Map as of Feb 24th, 2020

Zhengzhou Nanbei Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. City :  Zhengzhou
Zhengzhou resident population: 10.136 million
Cumulative infections: 157 cases,
Proportion of infection: 0.0015%
II.National and regional control measures
1. The country entered a first-level epidemic prevention emergency state
The Chinese government has launched a global epidemic symposium to coordinate the evacuation of overseas Chinese in Wuhan in three countries; urgently purchased medical masks and protective clothing from all countries in the world; all 34 provinces in the country entered the first-level epidemic prevention state; and a total of 32572 national deployment experience Famous doctors rushed to the first-line support in Wuhan; National Prime Minister Li Keqiang personally went to the first scene of the earthquake-stricken area in Wuhan to guide the work; Urgently started the construction of Wuhan Lei Shen Shan Hospital
2. National working hours control
In order to strengthen the prevention and control of pneumonia outbreaks caused by new coronavirus infections, reduce the gathering of workers, and block the spread of the epidemic, companies across the country postpone the return to work after the Spring Festival. Delay the start of school.
3. Quarantine control
After the outbreak, the country actively cooperated in the isolation and control of the epidemic. At present, the infected people have been safely quarantined. The epidemic-stricken areas in Wuhan and other places have been closed down. All the entertainment activities have been cancelled  during the Chinese New Year.
4. National checkpoint quarantine
Aiming at the country's floating population, all traffic corridors across the country have undergone exit and entry epidemic prevention inspections. Suspected cases have been quarantined in advance and all floating populations must wear masks.
At present, the epidemic situation in the country has been under initial control. The increase in newly diagnosed infections has been significantly reduced, the proportion of deaths has increased significantly, and the number of cured cases has continued to increase. Various regions of China have developed targeted bacteria isolation schemes, and have very optimistic control schemes for further controlling the development of the epidemic.
III.NANBEI’s Outbreak control measures
1. Planning of working hours 
The company decided to resume work on February 24, 2020 based on the real-time situation of the epidemic situation and industrial and commercial management requirements. In order to ensure the employees' own immunity and ensure sufficient rest time after the work, the company banned the company before February 24, 2020. Overtime.
2. Management of pathogenic staff and visitors
(1) Organize all employees to conduct self-inspection before resuming work
All employees who have been to Wuhan or have been exposed to suspected / confirmed cases must be quarantined at home for more than 14 days and undergo a hospital examination to determine that they are not at risk of infection before they can start work!
(2) The person in charge of epidemic prevention management of staff and set up 7 monitoring time points temporarily
Principal Department 8:30 12:00 16:00  19:00
Zheng Chengli Production
Liao Wenli Quality Inspection
Wang Shengwei Packaging
Li Lin Transportation
Angelina Wang Sales
Sunny huang Order follow-up
Yu Yula Finance
All employees must wear a mask before going to work to make the masks destroyed at the designated place; wash hands and sterilize, and immediately notify the hospital to isolate and inspect the employees who are found to have physical abnormalities during quarantine inspection, and re-examine the close contacts and leave for isolation within 7-14 days!


3.The epidemic prevention management plan for suppliers' materials entering warehouse and logistics exiting warehouse

Quarantine location Supplier Delivery Logistics shipment
Security room 1. Entry personnel must wear masks
2. Spray sterilize vehicles (containers) and individuals
3. Check the visitor's residence and the residence of the past 14 days
4.Detect body temperature and other physical conditions
5. It is strictly forbidden for non-workers to enter the park
Floor elevator entrance 1.Must wear a mask 1.Must wear a mask
2, spray disinfection of goods and individuals 2.Detection of body temperature
3.Detection of body temperature  
4. Make sure that all products have a Disinfected logo  
Company Quarantine Reception 1.Must wear a mask and gloves 1.Must wear a mask and gloves
2. Put the goods into the designated temporary isolation area for disinfection 2. The visitor took a photo with his identity card
3. The visiting person takes a photo with his identity card 3.Detection of body temperature
4.Detection of body temperature  
5. Make sure that all goods have a Disinfected logo  
Warehouse 1.Must wear a mask and gloves 1.Must wear a mask and gloves
2. Outsiders are not allowed to enter 2. Logistics personnel are not allowed to enter. Our company delivers the goods to the logistics personnel.
3. Re-sterilize the warehouse products 3. Confirm that the shipment is sterilized
4. Epidemic management requirements for suppliers and logistics companies

(1) Disinfect the goods before going out of the warehouse, and paste the disinfected labels;

(2) The delivery document must be placed in an envelope, and the name of the document is stated on the envelope, and the envelope is disinfected;

(3) All delivery personnel must wear masks and gloves;

(4) All mobile personnel had no contact with suspected cases in the past 14 days and had no experience in 0-point epidemic control areas such as Wuhan;

(5) All delivery personnel are obliged to cooperate with our company in all inspections related to epidemic prevention.

5. Epidemic management requirements for company employees
Follow the 4 YES to 4 NO, supervise and urge each other, and establish an anonymous reporting channel.
Four YES points: change a mask for a long time, ventilate and sanitation, eat healthy fruits, and actively cooperate with epidemic prevention inspections;
Four NO Point: Don't go out, don't have meals, don't spread rumors, don't believe rumors, don't hide and seek medical treatment in time, don't eat wild animals.

Zhengzhou Nanbei Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. wishes you and your family health and stay away from the virus!

February 24th,2020
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