Notification letter for Safety of Goods

Notification letter for Safety of Goods
1. How long can the new coronavirus survive in the air?
In general, the same type of enveloped virus, such as SARS virus, can survive for up to 6 hours in a dry state and up to 24 hours in a wet state. SARS virus and new coronavirus are both enveloped viruses, and the survival time of the two in the air should not be much different.
2. What are the new coronaviruses afraid of?
First of all, it is afraid of high temperature. As long as the temperature reaches 56 ℃, it will lose its activity and harmlessness in 30 minutes.
Secondly, the new coronavirus is afraid of disinfectants. Generally, it can be killed with 75% of medical alcohol.

3.Our cargo transportation and handling
(1) 75% medical alcohol disinfection and post-sterilized labeling before the goods go out of the warehouse;
(2) The delivery document must be placed in an envelope, and the name of the document is stated on the envelope, and the envelope is sterilized;
(3) All delivery personnel must wear masks and gloves;
(4) All mobile personnel had no contact with suspected cases in the past 14 days and had no experience in 0-point epidemic control areas such as Wuhan;
(5) All delivery personnel are obliged to cooperate with our company in all inspections related to epidemic prevention.
4.More information about the virus
Zhengzhou Nanbei Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. wishes you and your family health and stay away from the virus!
Post time: 2020-02-25

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