The Midautumn Festival is the traditional festival in China.In this day,people ,espically family members will have a happy get-together.So Chinese people vaule this festival for its important meaning of "reunion".And the mooncake is the symbolic food.It represents the "reunion" just like the full moon. 


Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the four major traditional festivals.

There are evening meal, people who work outside the home have to come back happy. After dinner, people lit lanterns, usually red lanterns round. The children will happily play their toy lanterns.


You can see the full moon in the evening, people eating at the same time to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival special foods - cakes. People with the past, look to the future. It is said that there are dragon in the sky, it is necessary to swallow the moon. In order to protect the moon, the children have to come up with a large ring of the dragons away~

Post time: 2016-09-16

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