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JPSJ-605 Dissolved Oxygen Meters




Product Introduction


1.LCD display and English operation interface

2.It has automatic temperature compensation, full scale, atmospheric pressure, salinity calibration and power failure functions.

3.It has display of dissolved oxygen concentration and temperature, dissolved oxygen saturation and temperature, current value and temperature.

4.Measuring results can be stored, deleted, viewed and printed. Up to 150 sets of measuring data can be stored. Also, it provides two printing modes such as real-time printing and storage printing.

5.It has RS-232 port and can be connected with TP-16 serial printer. If matched with specific data collecting software, it can be connected with PC.

6.It is equipped with DO-958-S dissolved oxygensensor.


1.Measuring range:

Dissolved oxygen: (0.00~20.00)mg/L
Dissolved oxygen saturation:(0.0~200.0)%
Temperature: (-5.0~105.0)°C

Dissolved oxygen concentration: ±0.30mg/L

Dissolved oxygen saturation: ±10.0%FS

Temperature: ±0.5℃±1digit

3.Response time:<= 45s(90%respond at 20°C)


5.Temperature compensation range: Automatic(0.0~40.0)°C

6.Salinity calibration range: (0.0~40.0)g/L

7.Atmospheric pressure calibration range: (77.0~110.0)k Pa


9.Power: universal power adapter(9VDC,500mA,inside positive, outside negative)

11.Net Weight: 1kg

12.Case outside serial No: WXS-A001-1

Package Size: 340X270X280mm

Gross Weight: 2.5kg

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